GJ Crooks’ rapid response

by subacati

Well, at about 13h00 give or take, the bayaan ended and the khutbah began. Then, after the khutbah, we stood up for prayers. for about a minute, all was well. Then, without warning, my legs went numb, and I began to sweat like a pig on a grill!!! :insane:. I tried to continue standing. Then I realised that I could either sit down, or fall down. I chose to sit down. by this time, it was as if someone had overturned a bucket of water on me!! :yikes:. No dizzyness or anything like that, just a lot of sweating, dead legs, and a faint hint of nausea!!!. So I continued with the prayers in a sitting position. (this is permitted in the event that one is unable to stand, which it had become apparent to me that I was unable to stand :awww:) after the communal prayers, I remained seated on the ground. persons to the left and right of me inquired if I was alright. I assured them I was ok! (yeah I'm stubborn) so I performed the optional prayers where I sat. Completed all the prayers, I finally, ventured to stand up. determined in my resolve to proceed straight to my doctor's consulting rooms. (about 500m down the road) as luck would have it, as I was about to leave, I saw that my doctor was still busy with his optional prayers at the back of the mosque. I waited for him to finish, then greeted him and began to explain what had happened. he made me lay down there and then while he organised transport to his consulting rooms.
At the consulting rooms, he took my blood pressure, checked my blood sugar, and asked the kind of questions that doctors ask in these situations. He immediately called an ambulance, informing them that the patient was a possible medical emergency. unfortunately, he had another emergency call to attend to, so he left me in the care of his staff while he rushed of to do what a good doctor does. An hour later, the ambulance arrived. after loading me into the conveyance, they stopped to pick up their lunch!!! :confused:. Nice to know they have their priorities in order! :p.
So, finally, arriving at the hospital, about another twenty minutes later, THey escourt me into the triage room. of course, by this time I am able to walk, although my calves are still throbbing somewhat. The head nurse glances in my direction and decides that I'm an OPD case. So off to 'room' 12 (actually, just a window to the filling office). where I'm told to make my way round to the reception area on the other side of the filling office. (take note that at this time I'm un-escourted, so should I suffer any after effect, no-one is likely to notice). at the reception, it's another typicall hurry-up and wait scenario. I take a seat on the bench that's so thoughtfully provided, and I wait, and I wait. at some point , someone inside the office motions for me to approach. I must now stand, with paining legs, while the clerk dutifully fills in detail after detail which I supply. To be fair, that is his job after all. emergencies are handeled over in the triage room. Anyway, after paying my ZAR50 for the ambulance ride, and ZAR65 for the consultation, I now make my way back to the other side of the filling office to where the OPD consulting rooms are. my blood pressure is taken and duly noted on my newly opened file, and I take a seat while I wait for the lone doctor on duty to become available to to me. by this time, it is after four. The labs are all closed and no tests can be done. So the doctor hands me a sick-note for work, and schedules a range of tests for monday, including, cohlesterol, ECG, and some others. Basucally, I'm now free to find my own way back to Umzinto, fifteen KIlometers away in the pouring rain, to return, under my own steam on monday. :left:
The End.
Well, hopefully that's not the end of me, just yet! :p.

Since I've been awake since about 12 noon yesterday, I shall now retire to my bed! my alarm set for four O' clock tomorrow afternoon, so that I can be in time for work!.
(I'll write a friends only about that story tomorrow night)