It never rains but pours (in Nigeria, that is)

by subacati

Good day,

I am Miss Mercy Udo a computer scientist who just started work with the Central bank of Nigeria. I am 26 years old. I came across your file which was marked X and your released disk painted RED, I took time to study it and found out that you have paid VIRTUALLY all fees and certificates that you were asked to pay but NO fund has EVER been released to you and as it stands here in the computer,No money will ever get to you.
It is disheartning and most annoying that this bunch of Never God fearing set of people here in my country Nigeria can never tell you the simple truth that on no account will they ever release any fund to you, instead they let you spend money unnecessarily. I do not intend to work here all the days of my life and that is why I want to tell you the whole truth of the matter now.
As a computer scientist, I can facilitate the transfer of this fund to you only if you can do one thing for me.Certify me of my security, by helping me on how I can run away from this Nigeria if I do this, because if I don't run away from this country after i made the transfer, I will be seriously in trouble and my life will be in danger for ever.

Please this is like a Mafia setting in Nigeria, you may not understand it because you are not a Nigerian. The only thing I will need to Transfer this fund into any of your account is a special HARD DISK we call it HD 120 GIG.You have to buy two of it and send to me so I can recopy your information, destroy the previous one,I will punch the computer to reflect in your bank account within 24 banking hours. I will clean up the tracer and destroy your file, after which I will run away from Nigeria to meet with you.I am afraid this is the only way you can ever get your money from here and I can do it as a computer expert here in Central Bank.

Listed below are the mafia's and banks behind the non release of your funds that i managed to sneak out for you see by yourself.
1) Prof. Charles soludo
2) Senator David Mark
3) Chief Joseph Sanusi
4) Lamido Sanusi
5) Mr. Ernest Chukwudi Obi
6) Dr. Patrick Aziza
7) Mr. Tunde Lemo / Deputy Governor – Financial Sector Surveillance / Board Member
8) Mrs. Okonjo Iweala
9} Adekunle Elvis.
If you are pleased with this arrangement which I must tell you is the only guarrantee for you to receive your fund,and also if you can assure me of your assistance for me to run away from this country to another part of the world,then get back to me through email.

Please do also reconfirm the banking details where you would want me to transfer the money to, so that there won't be any mistake.

Miss Mercy Udo.
Computer Scientist, C.B.N