.kozo Moblin’s dirty secret!

by subacati

Being Naturally paranoid, I'm constantly checking for hidden files and directories that aren't meant to be there. So when I found a hidden directory, .kozo ,on my flashdrive I got a bit nervous! :insane:. Further inspection revealed that a directory called .koza was also present in my phone's memory card. On my phone it wasn't hidden because the S60 operating system, unlike linux, does not automatically hide filenames etc, that start with "." :left:.
So I googled, and I traced it to this review of moblin. :left:.
What scares me the most is that no mention of this secret directory is made anywhere else! This one review seems to be the only reference to this directory! :insane:.
Now this directory contains another directory called 'databases' which, in turn, contains a file with a filename that appears to be a random assortment of numbers and letters! Examining this file with a hex editor shows that it contains a directory tree of my entire system! :yikes:.
Now, these virtual file systems are used to navigate a storage device, such as a flash drive, more quickly. Hewlett Packard has a similar system in there Photosmart printers. :irked:.
But, at least, you can easily turn that off in the printer! :left:
What scares me the most, however, is that I could only find this one reference to this directory's existence! :yikes:.