Happy Birthday Karen!

by subacati

:yes:. Here is a present for you Karen! :up:.
You can get the ZSNES emulator from their homepage @www.zsnes.com
Their is a version for Windoes, MSDos and Linux! :pingu:.
Or, If you're running Ubuntu 9.04, you can type "ZSNES" into the search bar of the Synaptic Package Manager! :yes:.
(this might work on other Linux distro's as well)

Don't know where to get games? Well, Google does! :up:.
Or you can just go to www.angelfire.com/yt3/crasyplace/Downloads.html for a selection of some of the more popular games! No need to waste time scratching out your old SNES machine and hooking it up to your tv! :p.
Just launch this from your games menu and you're good to go! :up:.
Enjoy! :hat:w00t!