May you live in interesting times. . .

by subacati

So goes the ancient chinese curse that journalists love to quote! :insane:. …

Well, I usually don't write blog posts about my job due to the rather sensitive nature of my job.
As most of you know, I work in a prison. We've recently started a new shift structure, and the ruccus caused was certainly blog worthy. :left:.
Long story short, we now work twelve hour shifts on a four day on, four day off rotation. Today (thursday) is my first day of four back at work. :rolleyes:.
Barely ten minutes on duty and I was informed that I would be guarding a prisoner at the public hospital. But before that could happen, a late arrival came to work. :p.
Well, that was great, or so I thought! :eek:.
Having narrowly escaped the most detested post a member could face, I thought that I was on a winning streak. That is, untill they started banging on the cell door! :irked:.
Banging on the door to get the member's attention is always a sign of serious shit! :awww:.
So this one prisoner in my section has pains in his belly. And a 'staple' (apparently) inside his belly and poking him from the inside! :irked:.
Kinda reminded me of the movie "Alien" :p.
Anyway, so I wrote it down and reported it. The relevant authorities come and open up and it's off to the outside hospital with him. I get back to my duties and, thinking that's the weeks excitement over, carry on as usuall. :left:. Moments later, the prisons lights go out! :yikes:.
Not all the lights mind you, just the mission critical lights! :confused:.
The office plugs and lights are fine, but the passage and cell lights are out! :insane:.
Well, the doctor's didn't think our alien infested innate was in any imminent danger, so they sent him back with a packet of paracetemol. :whistle:.
So there we were, four male and three female members opening up a cell of about fifty inmates in the dark so we could lock one innate up. :rolleyes:.
Twice we checked all the db boxes, but no circuit breakers are down. So we're still in darkness! :irked:.
It goes on, this short story of mine, but I'm sure you get the idea. :rolleyes:. These certainly are interesting times ! :whistle:.