Sharia law

by subacati

I'm posting this because I want to set the record straight. …

Under strict Sharia law, there would be no statue to begin with.
Now I know that might horrify many Americans. It might even be an uncomfortable thought to many non-Americans. However, in terms of Sharia, any statue, photo, painting, portrait etc. of an animal or person is haraam (unlawfull, forbidden, sinfull).
Thus, under a Sharia legal structure, the Statue of Liberty, and any other statue, would not be allowed! It is a form of idolatry.
But do not confuse Sharia law with the laws and legal systems of 'muslim' countries.
Sharia law is a sacred religious law. It does not condone any form of oppression. It does not condone rape. It does not condone the ill treatment of either animals or people.
All these evils are from corrupt people who abuse their charter.
These evils, this corruption, is seen in all governments and found in all societies regardless of religion, race or creed.
I have chosen not to link to the blog where I found this photo. No, it's not on My Opera. If you are really curious to read it, it can be found by doing a Google image search for 'sharia'.
Remember, hate begets hate, love begets love. Wouldn't you rather be loved than hated? :love:.
(P.S: that smiley is haraam)