www.itsmy.com doesn’t want me

by subacati

A friend of mine invited of to come see her profile on http://www.itsmy.com

Of course, to do that, I had to register. While I was still filling in my profile, I was suddenly logged out. All attempts to log back in, using various browsers, have failed. :confused:.
Attempts to register a new profile have also failed, saying that I've already registered my mobile number and that I should use that profile. :irked:.
I think they've banned my profile but I don't know why.
Possible reasons could be:
a. They've banned all profiles associated with the Operamini ip address.
b. I used the words 'Opera' and 'Operamini' once too often in my profile.
c. They just don't like mobloggers.

So, if any other mobloggers are brave enough, perhaps you could test some of these theories. :p.
I'm rather disappointed at their service though. The very least they could do is give an explanation. :irked:.
(even a curt, "you've breeched the ToS" is better than silence)