Thank you for the ‘mark as read’ button

by subacati

I haven't cleared my watch list in the last six months. The only way for of to clear it till now was to use the 'mark all as read' button. :left:. …

Now, thanks to the 'mark as read' button, I've been able to remove items of lesser interest. :yes:.
I like this new feature because I can remove unwanted items without removing the bits that I still want to read. :up:.
Not everything that everyone posts is necessarily of interest to me. And sometimes, older posts draw comments that I don't really need to read. With the 'mark as read' button for each item, I can now select items that I think will interest me, whilst deleting the rest.
Some added functionality would be nice though. Like, perhaps, a checkbox feature that allows you to mark several items at once.
There is a bug in that a new blog post will remain even after visiting it. This bug is actually an advantage to me though. You see, sometimes when the network is unstable, or when my phone runs out of ram, the connection is lost or the phone shuts down. Now, as Murphy's Law dictates, this almost always happens just as you click on a new blog post item in the watch list. :insane:.
Often, by the time you get back online, you can't recall who's post it was. Since the server remembers you clicking the link, it's no longer in your watch list. :awww:.
At least, as long as this bug remains, I can rest assured that I won't miss anything if the network bogs down or my phone resets at an awkward moment. :yes:.