The Eighties!

by subacati

A time when solitude was my best friend… …

Mik's post reminded me of the days when 'Trompie' was everyones hero. A time when 'Die Boeremag' (the Farmers Army) were national hero's and Nelson Mandela was a 'traitor' and a 'terrorist'. A time when everyone was afraid of Sin Fein. It was a time when hating the 'Reds' was normal and everyone (?!) loved America.

'Jacking' (being hit on the arse with a cane) was allowed and common. I remember the 'drive-in' where I saw ET for the first time. Disco was still in vogue and raves were not begun yet.

But, mostly I remember solitude. That safe haven where nothing bad could happen. I remember how cruell other children could be and how rough and horrible the Afrikaans kids were. I remember homework not done, Mr E. J. Dreyer and detention. I remember being the fat kid. I remember not being able to swim. I remember digital watches, calculator watches and the G-shock from Casio.

I remember solitude. And Springbok Radio, 'Father Dear Father,' 'The Navy Lark,' 'Men From The Ministery.'

Yes, I do remember. But sometimes, it's just easier to forget. :awww: