Thank God it’s Friday The Thirteenth

by subacati

Warning! Contains strong language …

Warning! Contains strong language.

bloody cocksuckers wanna fuck of up the friggen arse. Well I ain't bending for those fuckers!
First, my fucking uniform wasn't crisp enough for them. Now it's too fucking stiff. The cocksuckers drive to work in a fucling airconditioned car, sit around like fucking nancy boys in a fucking airconditioned office, then they want to harass me about my friggen uniform after I've been sweating like a fucking pig all fucking day long. They call me into the bloody office and, with the door open, humiliate and belittle me in front of my colleagues. They patronise me by telling me how they worked so friggen hard to iron there uniforms and I should do the same. Then the friggen cocksucker tells me how handsome I am and how someone would love to come pick me up in their fancy sportscar if I'd just shave my face clean and dress sexier. :bomb:. My uniform was ironed dammit! Then they politely invite me to be ready for a fucking uniform inspection this morning!
That was yesterday!
So I don't fucking sleep! I spend the whole Fucking night preparing and starching my friggen uniform for today! I've never starched anything in my Fucking life before! But somehow, a manage to get something that's so fucking stiff as a board that a fucking dork would think it's too damned dorky to wear.!
So, this morning they call of into their office! And they tell me I must be fucking retarded or something 'Cos now it looks worse than ever! :irked:. (fuck! I could have told them that! Arseholes!) Then they tell me I need to see a fucking shrink! And they basically say I'm fucking insane!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your friday the thirteenth. :).
(Yes! That is the serial killer smiley)