by subacati

Why did I decide to try using the 'notes' feature on Opera Mini! Now all my precious bookmarks are gone! !!! :cry:. …

If you haven't used the 'notes' option in Operamini4.2 yet, I suggest you avoid it! :irked:. You have to sign into Opera Link to use it and when you do, all your Operamini speed dials will vanish to be replaced by crap that you never wanted in the first place!! :awww:.
And it's a hell of a lot of work to get a gmail bookmark that works properly. :insane:.
(the others aren't that tough but Gmail still wan't me to use the kiddy version unless I use a bookmark! :irked:)
;phew:. Correction… They're still there, they're just not on my speed dials anymore! :irked: