Don’t Ask

by subacati

Trying hard to solve a problem …



I have shared some files with you on

Below is the share info:

Share Name: HP48GSeriesUsersGuidepdfShare
Share Description: HP 48G Series User's Guide.pdf Share

There are three ways to access these files:

  1. If you are a DriveHQ member, please log on to your account and access these files in the DriveHQShare folder.
  2. If you are not a DriveHQ member yet, I recommend you to sign up now using this e-mail address. My files will automatically
    appear in your "DriveHQ Share" Folder.
  3. You can also access these files through the following link; you will
    have read-only access.
    The password is:5445025/tkyqrvsht5e1

Please install DriveHQ FileManager to download all files. It works like Windows Explorer or FTP,
supports drag-n-drop. It can download / upload any size files reliably. Please download it at:

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