Embedded Word.doc test

by subacati

This is a revisit of the "how to blog a .doc" problem first presented by Cois. Although a .doc file can be embedded, it won't be displayed in Operamini. (or any other browser that can't, inherently, display MsWord documents) for the original document, go here.
My solution to this problem was to extract the graphic and the text seperately, then build it into an html file.
However, one problem with this approach is the difficulty of serving it up. My Opera throws up a security prompt when you attempt to access an html file stored in your blog files. To get around this, we will embed this file in this post.

Some problems I have though is that the text flows to different lengths depending on yous browser. I've set the height attribute to 6000 to enable phone users to they the full content. If you're on a pc, chamber are there's a whopping big white space below the content. About half the page should be blank in that case. I can't think of a solution so I'm open to suggestions. If the text is still being cut off for some phone users, it's most likely because your phone uses a lower resolution than mine. Let me know what the last viewable sentence is and I'll make an adjustment. …