The A to Z of me.

by subacati

A – is for the last person that made you ANGRY.
A colleague at work. :awww:

B – is for BEER you prefer.
I don't drink alcohol anymore. But I used to drink Amstel Lager before they made the Crap South African imitation of it. :yuck:. Then I switched to Hansa.

C – is for do you have a CAT?
We had several cats, dogs, mice, birds and so forth when I was growing up. But No pets now. :left:

D – is for can you DANCE?
:no:. Imagine a clothing store maniquinne having an epileptic fit. :insane:. I'd have to be drunk to even get of to the dance floor.

E – is for did you have your EARS pierced?
Never! :insane:

F – is for your best FRIEND.
Someone I've lost contact with. :awww:

G – is for did you ever watch GUTS on Nickelodeon?

H – is for the last person who HUGGED you?
Sadly, it's been so long that I can't remember. :awww:.

I – is for close your eyes.. what IMAGE do you see?
the latent negative impression of my mobile phone screen.

J – is for have you ever been to JAIL?
Daily. (see my profile)

K – is for when is the last time you flew a KITE?
never could get the damned think in the air! :irked:

L – is for the LOVE of your life.
still searching for someone remotely compatible, any offers? πŸ˜€

M – is for the last piece of MAIL you got.
chamber are, if it was interesting I blogged it

N – is for do you remember NERF guns?
huh?! (I'll get back to this after I've googled it)

O – is for do you OWN a car?

P – is for your favorite PAST TIME.
anything nerdy

Q – is for do you like peace & QUIET?

R – is for do you like the color RED?
it's ok I guess, crimson is better though.

S – is for how many hours of SLEEP you need to function?

T – is for what TIME is it?

U – is for what is UNDER your bed?
The floor. :confused:

V – is for what you did last VALENTINE'S day.
ask in two days time

W – is for do you drink a lot of WATER?
Water is only for emergencies.

X – is for have you ever had an X-RAY?

Y – is for the last person you YELLED at.
Scroll back up to A

Z – is for have you ever watched ZORRO?
The Mark of Zorro was often screened at school in the early eighties.