Am I wrong!

by subacati

When ethics and common practice collide, which one shall be the loser? …

I've just had a conversation with a colleague. He's being trying to convince me that it's time for me to 'lighten up', to 'go with the flow' and 'bend' the rules. :awww:.
You see, the coversation revolted around the fact that I am single. According to him, the reason that I'm single is because I don't fuck around. Apparently, the only way to get married is to first have non-committal sex with a wide variety of women. Presumably, these women would, themselves, be having multiple non-committal relationships. :awww:.
Is this what the world has become? A ducking free for all where morals at ethics are to be despised and viewed with contempt? :irked:. Am I the last man on earth that's sane enough to realise that such anarchy can only lead to the destruction of the human race? :bomb:. Am I the only man that's man enough to say no to indecency and degradation! :angry:.
How did this society get so damned corrupt that the stench of corruption smells sweet to the very guardians of virtue!! :yikes:.
Woe to the world, for it has fallen. Woe to humanity, for it is no longer human! :cry::cry: