by subacati

Help! I think my phone is evolving! :insane:. …

My phone has learnt a new trick! :left:.
It's happened twice now and I don't know why! Every morning at 4am, the alarm buzzes. Nothing unusuall about that, it's supposed to do that 'cos that's what it's programmed to do. :left:. But when I press the 'ok' button to turn the alarm off, a strange thing happens. The last application That I was using comes on. :insane:. Usually, that's Operamini 3.1 although sometimes it's Operamini 4.2 :confused:.
Even stranger is that it starts up with the last page that I was on. :insane:. I'm starting to wonder whether this is somehow related to Operamini sometimes not working. :confused:. I think that, because I use socket connection mode, Operamini fails to shut down completely when I exit. Perhaps it just continues running in the background, keeping the socket open. When I launch it again, the first one that's open is still running in the background and hogging the socket. My phone has partial support for running apps in the background. If I recieve a call whilst online, Operamini will go to background whilst I answer the call. But it exits completely when downloading. :irked:. There is also no resume function documented. and this latest trick is undocumented. This might partially explain why MMS has stopped working and why Emails can still be sent, but retrieving recieved emails won't work. :cry:. I wish I could get a firmware update, or at least, find a way to tweak the existing firmware. :awww: