The mark of the beast!

by subacati

A dire warning to all who believe …

There is a movie out that's so scary, so dangerous, that just watching the trailer gave me nightmares! :insane: .
Don't watch it! Don't protest about it! Don't even mention it by name! :no: .
This movie will corrupt you! It is designed to get you to believe that there is no God! :insane: .
Whatever you believe, whatever your religion, Don't go there!!!! .
In a time when we need to believe more than ever, some elements of society are attempting to annihilate all faith, all belief by creating doubt amongst the believers. They want us all to reject God and embrace atheism! This can only lead to our destruction. So no matter what your religion is, no matter what you believe, no matter what name you know God by, don't watch this movie, Don't talk about it, don't discuss it, don't stand outside the movie theater in a picket line! This is what they want you to do. This is how they hope to promote this weapon of faith destruction.
You have been warned!! :insane: