strange dream

by subacati

I just woke up a short while ago. it's still a little early. …

I had a very strange dream a short while ago. I dreamt that I was traveling abroad, somewhere like Israel possibly. I was in a field surrounded by a small crowd of people, maybe fifty to a hundred people.
I was a tourist but most of these people were Jewish. It was some kind of early morning prayer, just before sunrise. Anyway, the time came for prayer and most of the people moved toward the front and started arranging themselves into rows. I decided that I should leave. Another man was also trying to leave. We were both stopped by a line of young people wearing white t-shirts with red and yellow emblems on the front. They looked like students but it was clear that they took thier task very seriously. I explained that I was a muslim and could not join in thier prayers. They demanded proof that I was indeed a muslim. I told them I would show them my South African ID book. they took me, along with several others, to a table in the corner of the field. I rummaged through my bag, While I was looking for my ID book, I came across my passport.
Now let me just point out that my passport was issued before I embraced Islam. My Id book, however, reflects my registered name. So now I had to explain to these people why my name appears differently on my passport to what was on thier laptop.
Anyway. it seems that I did succeed in the end. But I couldn't help wondering what became of those other people who were trying to leave?