Mobile video is possible!

by subacati

Having trouble streaming that video to your mobile?
Your mobile supports 3gp but not video streaming?
Well there is a solution! πŸ˜€ …

I have been using for only two days now but I am already impressed! πŸ˜€ .
It's so easy to use. Click the link above and bookmark the site for future reference. The search feature works just like any search engine except that it finds video's specifically. If you use your mobile's built in browser, and your phone is capable of video streaming, you will be given the option of streaming the video that you select. Alternatively, you also have the option to download the video in 3gp format. If it's a long video, you are even given the option of downloading it one piece at a time so even if your phone has only a small memory, you can still watch the video in short clips.
Another feature is the chance to download the first ten seconds of a video so that you can preview it. This doesn't always help though as many video's take longer than this before anything starts to happen. It would be nice if they made this about twenty seconds and ignored the first ten seconds as this would then skip the dull start of most video's and provide enough footage for you to get an idea of the content.
Despite this, however, I find this to be a great tool for the phonie who wants to see a video. In my area, video streaming doesn't seem to work. So untill my network can provide this feature, blueapple get's my vote.
two thumbs up blueapple
Just a quick update, is now