OMG, WTF, (add expletive of choice here.)

by subacati

I launched Operamini as usuall, went straight to news items as usuall, and saw two new messages. so I went to read them first.
Someone, who I don't know, has added me as a friend. Not once, but twice!! …

This rather patriotic un-american seems to think that he/she should be my friend.:yikes:
Naturally, the first thing I did was visit thier blog to see what they are about.
I nearly :faint: when I say that page. I can't figure out whether they're pro-american, anti-Islam or both. :eyes:
It also crossed my mind that they may actually be anti-american and there plan was to create a muslim uprising or maybe just to make america look bad. :confused: .
Needless to say, I've blocked this user as I would have a hard time trying to understand what they are about anyway.
P.S: He anyone has the time, could you go through there blog and tell me if there are any non sticky posts on it.