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SA teens go kissing crazy

Jan 05 2008 04:43:19:960PM

Thousands of teenagers have gathered around the country to take part
in "kissathons" in protest over a new law that bans all consensual
sexual activity.
Johannesburg – Thousands of South African teenagers were due to
take part in "kissathons" across the country on Saturday in protest
over a new law that bans all consensual sexual activity among under-
16s, including kissing and canoodling.
The social networking site Facebook has become a rallying point for
teens angered by the new Sexual Offences Act, which makes it illegal
for teens to kiss, touch or rub up against each other, the Star
newspaper reported.
Thousands of youngsters have joined a chat group on the site called
Everyone Against the New Kissing Law, where the tone swings from the
outraged to the dismissive.
"So what if there's a law? … It's just another stupid thing that
never affects anyone's life," one contributor wrote.
Kissathons have been scheduled in cities across the country,
including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.
In Johannesburg young lovers were scheduled to lock lips at an ice
rink in a suburban shopping mall, according to SAfm public radio.
The new Sexual Offences Act, which was signed into law by President
Thabo Mbeki in mid-December, contains provisions on a number of
consensual and non-consensual sexual acts.
Some provisions, such as the expansion of the definition of rape to
include male rape, received a warm welcome from people working with
victims of sexual abuse – a major problem in South Africa, where over
50 000 rapes are reported each year, including large numbers of child
But the tough line on teen flirtation, seen as an attempt to rein
underage pregnancies, was rubbished by more than one NGO as

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