Saturday? B_B_But where did my friday go?:cry:

by subacati

Working the graveyard shifts has many drawbacks. If you are staying awake in the day as well then sooner or later the sleep:bug: is gonna get ya!

I missed my whole friday because I fell of to sleep too soon.:(:
I couldn't stop myself. I lost a whole day!:cry:

Red Bull gives you wings but if you are way over your 'no sleep' limit then those wings are gonna carry you to dream land!

caffeine dreams are really wierd. Full of color and strange gothic and victorian images. Think Agatha Christie meets Walt Disney! :eyes:

Now combine that with my penchant for dreaming about trains and you have a good concept of what my dreams are like.
:(sadly, I can't recall any specifics today but I'm sure it would have being a great movie!:left:
Now I'm one day short. This is my weekend off so I'd better make good use of it.

BTW: Monday is a public holiday:hat: here in South Africa!