by subacati

We, as a species, tend to see only that which we wish to see. Countless studies show that if a few letters are removed from a word and that word is flashed briefly onto a screen. most people will see the word that was there before it was butchered. In the same way some people seen to see my username as glue and not qlue. I like this because it means that I've succeeded in finding the one word that no-one will google. this is my first blog and blog's were made for people like me. I have many opinions and ideas and, untill now, I bad on-one to share them with. Consider if you will, 3D video telephony. It's a lot easier to do than most people think. Take two cameras, and covert the output into a mathematical 'line drawing' of the shades. Use there two constructs to create a 3D wire frame of the subject. Then use the two colour images to cover the wire frame with a skin. Some calculus and trig are needed to achieve this but that's a solved problem. So on to the display. Using an lcd screen similar to modern mobile screens, only it has +- 16x the resolution along its width. cover this with a striated fresnel lens and voila! you have an electronic hologram. The technology has been available for 10yrs and some of it for nearly 50Yrs.